3 Reasons Why You Should Live Stream to Multiple Platforms
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3 Reasons Why You Should Live Stream to Multiple Platforms

Switchboard Staff
Switchboard Staff

Live streaming platforms are incredible tools that help businesses around the world raise product awareness and foster brand loyalty. Before your company can begin this highly effective social marketing endeavor, however, you are faced with a big question: which platform should you go live on?

You have the most well-established leader in online video, YouTube. There’s also Facebook, where most brands have already established a following. Maybe Twitter has been good for your brand, in which case you might consider using Twitter as your primary platform of choose. There are dozens of platforms that have embraced live video and allow you to broadcast easily, but which one’s the best all depends on your needs.

So which platform should you choose to deliver your message? We say all of them! Here’s three reasons why you should live stream to multiple platforms over just one platform.

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1. Going Live Everywhere is So Dang Easy

These days, if you want to stream to multiple platforms, you don’t need a billion computers or a specialized team of tech-savvy employees. All you need is a third-party tool like Switchboard Cloud. This allows you to send one live feed and transmit it to any number of platforms you choose – simultaneously!

Once configured, Switchboard Cloud requires almost no additional work to go live to everywhere, forever doing away with the days of one input, one output.

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2. Live Streaming to Multiple Platforms Extends Your Reach

When you get down to it, it’s really all about maximizing your exposure. The more platforms you’re on, the bigger your potential reach is. Much like a TV network that’s syndicated in multiple cities, live streaming to multiple platforms maximizes the chances that you reach people where they already are.

This reduces the need to drive your target audience to different destinations and increases the likelihood your message hits home. So frequently in the massive social media world marketers end up spending a lot of time trying to steer viewers to other destinations. For example, you may go on Twitter and tell your followers to check out an upcoming event you’re promoting on Facebook. Just imagine how much easier it is for people to consume your content if they don’t have to go anywhere. Rather than tweet “go here for live video” with a link they have to follow, the video is right there in their Twitter feed.

Each platform offers its own slightly different feel, and by broadcasting to multiple platforms, you allow the audience to find and engage with you on the platform they prefer. It also opens you up to being organically discovered by a lot more people if your viewers share your stream with their network!

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3. Archiving Your Live Stream is Automatic on Most Platforms

Another great reason to live stream to multiple platforms is that it saves you a ton of work after the broadcast. For maximum reach and effectiveness, you want your video to be available on demand for viewers to watch long after the live show. Almost all live platforms will automatically save and archive your live video after the broadcast concludes, which means you don’t have to go back and suffer through the time-consuming process of uploading the video to all the platforms you didn’t go live on.

Live streaming video is very unique in that it’s one of the few types of social content you can post on multiple platforms without tailoring an individual version of it for each one. Brands that use this ability and deliver a quality live video will maximize their live streaming ROI.

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