What's Happening with Facebook Groups?
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What's Happening with Facebook Groups?

Rebecca E.
Rebecca E.


Facebook recently announced some significant upcoming changes to their API that will impact how third-party apps interact with Facebook Groups. Starting on April 22, 2024, apps will no longer be able to schedule posts or automate any processes for Facebook Groups.

What does this news mean exactly?

This change means tools and apps will no longer be able to post or live stream directly to Facebook Groups. If you’re using tools to schedule posts or go live to Facebook Groups, you’ll need to complete these tasks directly using the Facebook app.

Facebook's update will change how businesses and organizations engage with their Facebook Groups. Techcrunch talks about how the Facebook change will affect businesses and developers.Many rely on scheduling posts and automation to manage their Facebook Groups efficiently, and this news has raised some initial concerns about adapting group management and communication strategies.

How can you prepare for the changes?

Stay Informed

The first step is to stay informed about any updates or changes to Facebook Groups. Keep a close eye on the official Facebook Groups blog and Meta's API documentation. As we learn more details, we'll provide updates about how these changes will impact your social media strategy.

Rethink Your Communication Strategy

These changes may initially seem daunting, but it's an opportunity to use those creative juices and change your communication strategies so that you can refreshingly engage with your communities. One approach could be to ramp up communication and posting frequency on your other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, X, etc. This could help make your Facebook Group's Events more discoverable. Be sure to include CTAs that will direct your viewers to join your Facebook Group so they can access and participate in upcoming or future events.

Embrace Multistreaming

Multistream a pre-event teaser on other social media platforms to create anticipation for an upcoming Facebook Live Group Event, similar to the Oscars red carpet. Remind your audience that the event will take place in the Facebook Group. You can easily achieve this using platforms like Switchboard Live for all your multistreaming needs. Switchboard Live allows you to easily manage all your social channels, including RTMP destinations like Rumble, Instagram, etc.

Create Facebook Events Directly in the Group

If you're accustomed to live streaming from Switchboard to your Facebook Group, the process will be slightly different now. You'll need to create an event on Facebook and use the RTMP information provided by Facebook (the Stream URL and Stream Key) to connect it with your Switchboard Account.

Here's the quick steps on how to do this:

1. Create a new event on your Facebook Group. Give it a title, date, time, and description. Select "Set up Live Video" and choose "Stream Software".

2. In Switchboard, go to the Destination Group. Click on RTMP at the bottom of the group.

3. In the new window, Copy the Stream URL and Stream Key from the Facebook event and paste them into the fields in Switchboard.

4. That's it! When you go live in Switchboard, your stream will connect to the Live event you've created in the group Facebook event.

5. Test your connection beforehand to ensure everything is working correctly.

Read step-by-step instructions for connecting your Facebook Group Live event with your Switchboard Account.

Inform Your Community

Announce the upcoming changes to your Facebook community and ensure they know about these changes and how they may affect them. For example, you could create a post that summarizes the key points:

"Attention [Group Name] Members:

Facebook recently announced some big changes that will impact how we engage with this group starting on [date]. Here's what you need to know:

  • Third-party apps will no longer be able to schedule posts or automate processes for Facebook Groups. This means we won't be able to use tools like [tool names] to post content or manage the group.
  • We'll need to post directly to the group feed rather than scheduling posts in advance. This means you may see changes in our communication strategy from our admin team.
  • For any upcoming live streams or events, we'll provide instructions on how you can view and participate using Facebook's built-in tools rather than third-party apps.

While this requires some adjustments, we're committed to ensuring you continue to get value from this group. Please reach out with any questions! We appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes together."

Provide clear instructions to your members on accessing upcoming events or live streams through Facebook's native tools. You should explain how to find the Facebook Group feed, RSVP to events, and join live streams through Facebook's interface. Encourage members to turn on notifications for the group so they don't miss out on new posts.

Experiment and Innovate

Meta says they plan to roll out the changes right in the heart of Spring. Spring is a season of renewal and experimentation, so embrace it as an opportunity to try out new communication strategies and engage with your community in fresh and exciting ways. Try new formats like short-form videos, polls, etc. Test out different posting cadences to see what resonates best with your audience. Your community will appreciate the extra effort to connect creatively during this transition period.

Manage Expectations

The upcoming changes to Facebook Groups will require some adjustments for community managers and members alike. It's essential to be patient and manage expectations during this transition period.

Changes to established workflows often involve a learning curve. Keep going even if the new processes feel clumsy at first. You'll determine the best strategies for your community with practice and iteration.

Communicate transparently about any hiccups or temporary changes in the quantity/frequency of posts during this adjustment phase. Ask your members for feedback on the new approaches and incorporate any constructive suggestions. While Facebook Groups may operate differently, their core value remains unchanged: bringing people together around shared interests and passions.


Meta's recent announcement about changes to the Facebook Groups API means that starting from April 22, 2024, third-party apps won't be able to schedule posts or automate tasks for Facebook Groups anymore. This might make managing Facebook Groups harder for businesses and organizations that rely on these tools. However, it's also a chance to try new ways of communicating and engaging with communities. To adapt, it's important to stay updated with official announcements, explore different ways of reaching out, like other social media platforms, and be patient while getting used to the changes. Although it might be challenging initially, these changes can lead to new and creative ways of connecting with people online.

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