StreamShare: A Unique Switchboard Feature You Don't Want to Miss Out On!
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StreamShare: A Unique Switchboard Feature You Don't Want to Miss Out On!

Switchboard Staff
Switchboard Staff

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Are you looking to reach more viewers across your streaming destinations?

Do you want to expand your demographic scope, and attract new audiences from around the world?

Here at Switchboard, we realize that the landscape of multistreaming is constantly evolving. Our team has worked tirelessly to produce distinctive features that help users multistream without limits.

Have no fear, Switchboard’s StreamShare feature is here!

StreamShare allows users to expand their reach by enabling their audience members to carry their streams for them, thereby multiplying their viewership almost instantly.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using StreamShare?

  1. The stream title, description, and hashtags that you create for your event will be visible on both your destinations and theirs.
    Because streamers and their viewers value consistency, we have made this the standard as part of the StreamShare feature.
  2. You have the ability to publish to other social channels without requesting login credentials, which allows Switchboard users to keep their information private.
    In the online world, your privacy and security are at stake. To protect users and their information, StreamShare offers authentication by way of email to prevent account-sharing and potential hackers.

Streamers Who Have Experienced Success Using StreamShare

Alex Burdine, host of Six Seasons and a Podcast, currently uses StreamShare to expand his listening audience. StreamShare has allowed him to quadruple his audience size, and he trusts the online security that comes with the feature. He also feels it's clearly a positive for both himself and his participants:

“StreamShare is really a win-win. I’m increasing the number of people seeing who I am, but it’s also a great thing for the other participants. They’re not just pointing back to my stream feeds, they’re pointing back to their own Twitter accounts and saying 'hey I’m on this thing, come watch me, send us questions and we’ll engage'. Everyone is thrilled to be participating in it on a monthly basis and the viewership has grown tremendously.”-- Alex Burdine

To learn more about Burdine’s experiences with StreamShare, hit this link here to watch the rest of his interview! Along with Burdine, other Switchboard streamers have applauded the new StreamShare feature. Check out some of the thoughts below from our Facebook Cloud Connect group!

Tito De Hoyos, Switchboard user, shared with us an image of him utilizing StreamShare with 5 accounts in different platforms:

Should I Use StreamShare?

Why of course. By now, this should be a no brainer!

By allowing others to opt-in and carry your stream to be viewed by their audience, StreamShare is an efficient and easy way to gain more viewership and audiences to your streaming destinations. It’s a YES for both audiences and streamers!

For more information on StreamShare, click here!

Happy multistreaming!

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